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Hello, my HT's nickname is MaxDareDevil and just like you, I enjoy online games. One of my favorites is the online football management game Hattrick, or just HT as we like to call it. I decided to lead this project of tools for HT, due to the passion of our community to discover information about the game. In fact MaxTools would not exist without our Community.

The tools herein are designed to help every type of user - from newbies to the most experienced ones. We appreciate any effort you can make to increase the quality or publicity of our tools. Use them at will. We wish you have a pleasant time.
HT's users involved on this project (alphabetical order on each task)
Task HT Users
Coding KaueFelipeBR / MaxDareDevil
Testing 20buscar / Alds0n / Moskao / Schumi-
Math finds Schum (training, stamina and healing formulas)
Translation coordinator alexandrepera
Translation alexandrepera (en)
MaxDareDevil (pt-br)
Schumi- (nl)
Special thanks to CHPP-teles for all hard work at PHT library and to stratulat_alex for sharing the code of his TS organizer tool.
Icons made by freepik from flaticon.

Would you like to help? Please contact us.
Change Log
Version Date Description
3.1 2020-11-10 New training type names from HT
3.0 2020-09-04 +Match's Result estimation
2.3 2020-08-28 All tools renamed for easier reading
2.2 2020-08-26 +Youth Player's Skill estimation
2.1 2020-08-17 Faster interfaces
2 2020-08-07 +Match's Stamina performance
1.51 2020-08-03 +CHPP support on top: better mobile experience
1.5 2020-08-01 +Player's Stamina share estimation
1.4 2020-07-28 +All tools capable to estimate players until 40.111 years old
1.3 2020-07-27 +Player's Stamina limits, +Player's Skill limits
1.2 2020-07-20 +Player's Healing estimation, +About revision: team and news condensed, +National Team's Perfect age
1.1 2020-07-17 +Load player: Transfer listed players can be loaded, +Player's Training/Skill estimation: Days until next training
1.0 2020-07-16 +Registration, +CHPP support, +Player's skill estimation
0.5 2020-07-06 +Player's training estimation
0.4 2020-06-25 +Perfect Age: flexible options and check online
0.3c 2020-06-22 +About pages: Team and News
0.3b 2020-06-16 Site restaured with About, Contact and Perfect Age
0.3a 2020-06-16 Site crashed: registration and tools lost followed by new backup policy implemented
0.3 2020-06-10 +Perfect Age
0.2 2020-06-05 +Training Plan Calculator
0.1 2020-06-01 Site's launch with About, Contact and Registration