Training progress

The training and skill drop by age effects are estimated until the very first stop condition specified at the options became true.
Keep in mind that only the last step of the skill plan may continue with no evolution and all others will automatically stop when this happen. This is necessary otherwise the skill plan would never work.
The estimation will always combine a skill training with a stamina share value following the priority given by: value at skill plan, value at stamina by age and default value.
The skill drop by age will always be applied at Monday and the training effects will start today plus the value informed at days until next training.
Do not forget to explore the options specially the checkpoints that may give you crucial information about your player.
Any user registered, logged and with CHPP authorized, may load one owned player; the training setup from the team will be also loaded. Players at market are available to load as well but the team's training information will not be loaded.

General options for reports
Events generating checkpoints
Default stop conditions

The training will stop when any condition became true.

Data source
Default values or last use.
Player's current values
Training's quality
Skill plan
Steps for skill training
Step Stamina
share (%)
Skill Stop at value Stop at age Stop at week

Stamina and skills training formulas by Schum.
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